Ultra Efektif Sdn Bhd designs and manufacture specialised equipment used by and provide related products services to the following industrial sectors.

With more than 10 years experience, we are the market leaders ( Malaysia) in some of these equipment in particular Pipe Cleaning - Sewer and Water Pipes using High Pressure Water and Vaccum Technology.

  • Pipe cleaning - sewer and water pipes
  • Garbage collection and transportation equipment
  • Transportation and container handling equipment
  • Truck mounted equipment and accessories

We distribute and service

  • Beach cleaning equipment - BARBER Surf Rakes & Sandman
  • Jost Fifth Wheel Coupling / Landing legs

Our clients / partners include multinational companies operating in Malaysia, Malaysia’s national sewerage services provider, sewer cleaning contractors, the Federal Goverment, Municipalities, container transport companies ( some of which are public listed companies).


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